Aeroseal duct leak sealing and repair, Fire and Ice Heating & Air Conditioning, Granby CT


Duct Leak Sealing from the inside!

Duct & Air Sealing improves HVAC system efficiency & performance, delivering comfort, healthier air and substantial energy savings.

Our non-toxic, water-based formula effectively seals all the holes in your air ducts & vents, making sure air goes only where you need it.


Aeroseal Duct Leak Sealing

Fire and Ice is an official installer of Aeroseal duct leak sealing.

Aeroseal utilizes a non-toxic, water-based formula to effectively seal all the holes in air ducts and vents, to ensure your heat and AC air goes where you need it, not where you don’t.

Duct & Air Sealing Technology improves the efficiency and performance of your HVAC system by delivering comfort, healthier air and substantial energy savings.

Duct leakage robs you of comfort, energy, and peace of mind

Take Back Your Home! Our innovative service makes it easy
Aeroseal duct sealing, What is duct leakage
(above: Before Aeroseal)
95% of all homes
have leaky ducts

Cracks and holes in your home’s air vents and duct system allow heated and cooled air to escape before reaching your rooms.

Duct leakage before sealing with Aeroseal
(above: Air escaping duct work before Aeroseal)
25-40% of your heated &
cooled air leaks out

Even new duct work may have connections that aren't properly sealed, creating leakage points, causing uncomfortable rooms & wasted energy.

Leakage is a significant, often overlooked problem in homes. Sealed in a few, short hours, you’ll feel the difference immediately and see savings on your energy bill!

After sealing duct work with Aeroseal
(above, after Aerorseal)
$25 Billion is wasted every year in the USA

$0.30 of every $1 you spend on energy is wasted

You no longer have to pay for all of that wasted air!

Our simple process ensures precise sealing in just a few hours.

We connect our proven technology to your home’s heating & air system to distribute the sealing formula.

Our non-toxic, water-based formula effectively seals all the holes in your air ducts and vents, making sure your air goes where you need it, not where you don’t.

Have peace of mind seeing real-time results while the cracks are being sealed. You’ll even get a certificate of completion showing the before and after results. 

Aeroseal duct leak sealing from the inside, Granby CT

Trusted by homeowners & corporations since 1997

With more than 150,000 buildings sealed across the globe, including everything from hospitals and military facilities to schools and hotels, Aeroseal is proven safe and effective
Aeroseal duct leak sealing step 1
We begin the Aeroseal process

First, we block all your vents and registers to pressurize your system.

The internal components of your furnace are also blocked off to protect them from the sealant being blown through the ductwork.

This system pressurization allows our technology to find all the cracks and holes where air is leaking.

Aeroseal step 2
We seal your leaks with precision

Next we begin distributing our sealant formula throughout your air vent and duct system.

While sealing, we monitor your system’s performance and show you all the improvements, as they happen.

Our technology is precise and only uses the amount of sealant necessary with virtually no waste and very little cleanup.

The process can vary from one to a few hours depending on your initial system leakage amounts. 

Enjoy cleaner air, more energy efficient living space with Aeroseal Duct Leak Sealing from the inside, Granby CT
You see & feel the difference

When we’re finished, a certificate of completion, including both before & after system leakage measurements, is printed and presented to you.

Breathe easy knowing your investment is backed by a 10 year warranty, and last many years longer.

More importantly, you’ll feel the difference in your home right away. 

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