Fire and Ice Heating and Air Conditioning, Granby CT

Fire and Ice Heating and Air Conditioning, Granby CT

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We install, service and repair all brands of Air Conditioning, Gas, Oil & Electric Heating Systems, Furnaces, Boilers, Water Heaters, Heat Pumps and Oil Tanks.

We offer duct leak sealing using Aeroseal. Duct sealing improves the efficiency and performance of your HVAC system while delivering energy savings.

Fire and Ice Heating and Air Conditioning, Granby Connecticut
Since 1991

Fire and Ice offers installation, service and repair of HVAC systems, including Gas, Oil and Electric Heat, Air Conditioning systems, Water Heaters and Oil Tanks.

Fire and Ice also offers Aeroseal duct leak sealing, now mandated in Massachusetts. 

Aeroseal Duct Leak Sealing from the inside!
Product Lines

Fire and Ice is an Aeroseal dealer and provides duct leak sealing from the inside!

With more than 150,000 buildings sealed across the globe, including everything from hospitals and military facilities to schools and hotels, Aeroseal is proven safe and effective.

See more of our Product Lineup below.

HVAC Heating Loans through Heat Loan CT, Energize CT and Fire and Ice Granby CT
Financing Options

We are a Capital For Change Registered Energize CT, Heating Loan Contractor. 

Call us to get an estimate for qualifying improvements and for personalized guidance navigating these loan programs.

Featured Products

Double-Wall Heating Oil Tanks
Roth Oil Tanks

"Roth heating oil tanks are a safe solution for all situations: in detached houses or multiple dwelling units, in apartment blocks or business premises, in new buildings, extensions, or renovations."

Roth Oil Tanks
Energy Kinetics System 2000 Frontier Boilers

System 2000 outperforms all boilers in its class by maximizing heating, hot water, and overall system efficiency.

Quietly cuts fuel bills up to 40% or more! System 2000 reduces your fuel bill by up to 40% or more while providing virtually unlimited hot water and legendary whisper-quiet operation.

Energy Kinetics System 2000 Frontier Boilers
Aeroseal Duct Sealing from the inside
Trusted by homeowners & corporations since 1997

For over 20 years Aeroseal has improved hundreds of thousands of homes as well as hospitals, hotels, and universities.

Our non-toxic, water-based formula effectively seals all the holes in the air ducts and vents, making sure the air goes where you need it – not where you don’t. 

Aeroseal Duct Sealing from the inside, Granby CT
Called “one of the most beneficial energy technologies
for American consumers.”

Enjoy every room in your house. No more hard-to-heat spaces. You’ll even sleep better.

Say goodbye to dirty air, allergens, and contaminants blowing all over your house.

Realize an annual savings of up to $850 per year on your heating and cooling bill.

Aeroseal Duct Sealing from the inside, Granby CT

Product Lines

We service all brands of Furnaces, Boilers, Water Heaters and Heat Pumps and oil tanks including but not limited to:

  • Roth Double wall oil tanks
  • Energy Kinetics
  • Biasi
  • Mitsubishi
  • Samsung
  • Bosch
  • Ecor
  • York
  • American Standard
  • Pure Pro
  • Bradford White
  • Ruud / Rheem

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Fire and Ice Heating and Air Conditioning
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